Should you fear an audit this tax season? | WIOD | 2/17/23

WIOD recently asked Bruce Willey to come on the air in Miami, FL to discuss the increase in reports of IRS agents and new regulations surrounding tax filings. During the interview, Bruce outlines that the newly authorized bill to hire up to 870 new IRS employees will increase the size of the compliance side, which is the audit side, by up to 25% to 40%. Bruce notes that people need to keep accurate tax returns and keep good documentation and records. Andrew (the interviewer) asks Bruce about the implications of this on everyday taxpayers, and Bruce advises people to make sure they find and hire a tax professional to file taxes, even if it is more expensive. He also stresses the importance of keeping copies of all documentation, which can be scanned and archived. Lastly, he mentions that getting a notice from the IRS should not be ignored, as a lot of problems can be caused by simply ignoring a notice. In conclusion, for taxpayers out there, Bruce advises them to get in touch with tax professionals and ensure that they keep all their documentation to avoid any future complications or audits.